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Increase Gift Voucher Revenue

Gift Voucher Solutions is designed to boost your gift voucher sales without any hidden fees. With our suite of powerful tools, you can easily enhance your revenue at no extra cost. We offer the most effective solutions to help you convert more customers and drive more sales.

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Improve Operational Efficiency

Enjoy a seamless setup process and rely on our in-house team for prompt and dependable gift voucher delivery. We handle everything from storing to creating and shipping, freeing up your operational team to prioritize your hotel guests' experience.

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Our gift voucher sales increased by over 300% in less than one year. For this reason I would highly recommend Gift Voucher Solutions

Ryan Davies - Owner

Bespoke Gift Voucher Store

We recognize that every brand is unique, from its logo and fonts to its distinct color palette. That's why we've developed a customizable platform that seamlessly extends your hotel's website, creating a personalized experience for your customers.

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Since we have been selling our vouchers online we have seen a 50% increase in sales with just a fraction of the work

David Moss - Owner

Unparalleled features

Easy to see why top hotels choose Gift Voucher Solutions

Add personal messages

Amplify the love by letting your customers add a personal gift message to their gift voucher order.

Send to multiple addresses

Attract corporate gift buyers by allowing your customers to send to multiple addresses within the same order.

Accept over 100 currencies

Run a global chain? No problem, your customers can buy in one currency and redeem in another.

Grow sales with promo codes

Need to boost sales? Why not run a special offer from your online store with Gift Voucher Solutions’s promo code tool.

Security, taken care of

Forget GDPR, PCI and SSL, compliance is handled by Gift Voucher Solutions leaving you to focus on what you do best.

Sell configurable gift vouchers

Let your customer design their experience by adding options to your gift vouchers like extra wine or more people.

Up front service charges

Reduce suprises and maximise revenue by allowing the purchaser to pre-pay the recepients service charge.

Sell monetary vouchers

Sell simple monetary vouchers that can be partially or fully redeemed depending on your preferences.

Software Designed to Integrate

Redeem gift vouchers from your POS, send order data to your CRM and build-out your central customer view. Gift Voucher Solutions is built to work beautifully with your other software.

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